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November 24, 2008 at 9:47 am #7348

Your diet is very high in protein. I made a few assumptions and came out at about 420g of protein which is well over 6 grams per kg bodyweight. You really only need 2 or 3. Most of that comes from two meals as well. I’d suggest spreading it out a bit more evenly. Four smaller meat meals and less shakes. Total protein intake back to 180 grams. Make up some of the difference in calories with more fish oil or virgin olive oil.

Dried fruit will be high in cals and carbs. Eat fresh fruit, it will be just as good with less of everything that you don’t want.

Throw away the BCAA caps and get powder. It will be less that half the price and you can take a bigger serve. You want 10g or so after the workout.

Most will say to put carbs in your PWO shake. I’d certainly recommend it in your case because your metabolism seems high and I don’t think you’ll get fat from the extra cals. (especially if you drop the protein a bit)

Have the banana at meal 1 rather than 3 pm. Carbs in the am help to stop catabolism from the overnight fast.

I wouldn’t say that your diet is great but you are eating the right things. You just need to play around with the amounts and the timing in my opinion.