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January 29, 2009 at 10:32 am #7319

@kinmassive wrote:

Other exiting news I have been asked by two of Australias strongest to compete in an up and coming strongman at Springwood Brissie. I would be going in at silver class (novice). I am actually travelling to Brissie this weekend to have a crack at all of the events to see if I’ve got the goods or not but I am pretty confident.

On the weekend just passed i trained with:
– 80kg Log lift presses. (easy)
– 120kg farmers walk for 30m.
– 80,90 and I just missed a 110 atlas stone only due to it pissing down rain and the ball was smooth concrete.

The experience was awesome and I am really looking forward to this weekend and seeing how strong i really am!

Latest stats:
109kg @ 10-12% (not tested, I think)

Bench 145kg
squat 200kg
dead 230kg
Curl 70kg (reps)

I have been training like a freak, eating like a horse and am kicking arse because of it!!

Strongman would be the best fun. Hope it goes well and don’t forget to give us an update after the training session. Watch closely. Those events are much more technical than they look. Any tips you pick up will help out heaps.