Reply To: Powerlifting!

January 29, 2009 at 7:53 am #7318

Rightio I have another powerlifting meet on 28th February at the Kalbar Hotel. It is yet again only for deads and bench, pussies won’t do squats!

My bench is up to 140-45 depending on the day which is good but my deads are exatly the same and there is no sign of budging 🙁 . I am stuck in a rutt due to my technique. It’s shithouse when the heavy weight comes out. I have now been focusing on lower weight and really strict form which seems to be working so i will hopefully do at least a 240 at the meet.

Other exiting news I have been asked by two of Australias strongest to compete in an up and coming strongman at Springwood Brissie. I would be going in at silver class (novice). I am actually travelling to Brissie this weekend to have a crack at all of the events to see if I’ve got the goods or not but I am pretty confident.

On the weekend just passed i trained with:
– 80kg Log lift presses. (easy)
– 120kg farmers walk for 30m.
– 80,90 and I just missed a 110 atlas stone only due to it pissing down rain and the ball was smooth concrete.

The experience was awesome and I am really looking forward to this weekend and seeing how strong i really am!

Latest stats:
109kg @ 10-12% (not tested, I think)

Bench 145kg
squat 200kg
dead 230kg
Curl 70kg (reps)

I have been training like a freak, eating like a horse and am kicking arse because of it!!