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Whichever direction you choose to take I think you cant go wrong. Almost to a man the most impressive pysique’s in bodybuilding belong to guys with a powerlifting background.

I dont think the most aesthetic physiques in bodybuilding have come from a powerlifting background at all! Who exactly are you talking about?

Mariusz Pudzianowski – the Worlds Strongets Man. Could you imagine he he shed a few kilo’s of bofyfat? Hmmm

So you don’t have to be fat to be a successful powerlifter. Mariusz is a perfect example.

Huge blocky waist……………FAIL….

(cant see his legs either)

I was having a dig before about being fat…..i know Kim’s not a fat ass….but its hillarious when you see fat guys in the gym and they say “oh im powerlifting” cause its acceptable to be fat, ugly, bald, and lift with crap form……