Reply To: Powerlifting!

December 6, 2008 at 11:06 am #7294

Just got home form the meet. WOW what an eye opener. I love the sport and i am going to stick with it for sure.

The lifts have rules which I was a bit pissed about, particularly the bench as you have to pause when instructed at the bottom and then press the weight hold again then rack.

There are ways around it but here are my lifts.

125kg bench
Missed 130kg

215kg dead
JUST missed 230kg

I really thought I had the 230 but the body just wouldn’t pull it into a lock out position. haha ha I was starting to wobble all over the place.

Anyway great day and i would reccomend it to anyone wanting to challenge themselves. Next meet is a 3 lift day in Feb. Anyone who may be interested please contact me either open or PM.