Reply To: Powerlifting!

November 14, 2008 at 1:22 am #7285

Pretty ordinary really but you have to start somewhere I guess. Right now my lifts are as follows:

Bench = 115kgs
Dead = 195kgs
Squat = 150kgs

This is now. I have done NO specific training whatsover up until this week, which i have focused on Deads, so to be honest those lifts are only a guess really but i assume that is what I’d be doing without exagerating.

In a few months i know my lifts will be in the range of:

Bench = 140kgs
Dead = 230kgs
Squat = 180kgs

My main aim is to stay around 100kgs if I can and just gain strength for the time being and once i have gained some technique and strength then i will add body weight to assist in biggers lifts, who knows I may hate it and give it the flick in 6mths??? So I am not gonig to change my body comp completly just yet for the sake of a whim.