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October 24, 2008 at 12:06 am #7143

We’ve been there twice as a stopover on the way to Europe. My advice, get out of the city’s and check out stuff like the Burmah railway, Bridge on the river Kwai and the Royal temples. The citys are basically humid, over-crowded shit holes with the stench of rotting vegitable matter apon them, well maby not that bad, but their pretty gross and Ive got a low tollerence for that kind of shit.

You can also entertain yourself with games like ‘Spot the fat middle aged male tourist on a sex tour’

By your own water.

Dont eat food thats been washed in local water.

Dont eat street food unless its been cooked, well.

Personaly I made sure my water was safe by buying it blended with malt, barley and hops and in a bottle labled ‘Heineken’

About $2 AU for a icy cold 700ml bottle from the 7/11 across from our hotel. Yeah, citys arent all bad…