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October 15, 2008 at 1:29 am #7111


Jimmy still looks “kinda” good LOL

Cmon are you telling me I wore my jean shorts for nothing… Did you not see my calves 😉

Guys jus a run down. Ill post my exact diet soon but I have been eating clean for about 4 weeks now. onlt having carbs once a day (twice now using WMS) and using alot of flax with my meals. This works well for me.

Friday nights. Saturday Lunch and Dinner are my meals where I can eat anything. Sushi is my favorite.

I’ll explain why I do what also. I’m looking forward to hearing your comments and critism because I am also too still learning.

I think Im sitting at about 95kg – Maybe less. and Im 5″6. Havent trained legs in 2 and a half months (I still train calves) as I am giving a lower back injury a rest.

Questions Welcome!