October 3, 2008 at 11:55 am #7004

@scotty wrote:

Unbuff, I thought you had to do a total of up to 15 reps, once you got 15, up the weight next time. eg bench 100kg 8-4-2-1, next time 104kg 7-3-2-1, next time 104kg 8-4-3 go up again ect ect. Thats how I read it. If you can only manage 16 reps in widowmaker set, use same weight again next time to get 19-20 then up weight. Does that sound right?

Your a bit off mate. You do Rest pauses. They are done like this.
Pick any exercise thats not a straight set (squats and deads are out) Say you choose bench. Your total rep range is 12 – 15. But select a weight you can only do 8reps with max. Once you fail, take in 15 deep breathes, then rep out again (you’ll only squeeze out 2 – 4) rest again with 15 deep breathes, and rep out again (you’ll only do 1 – 2 now) Thats it, your done. When you complete 15reps, up the weight. I try to get that 15 again, as I don’t consider anything less an actual strength gain. Its pretty much like 3 sets, without touching the weight, and only resting for 10 – 20seconds. But dante is big on the breathing.

Once u hit a total of 15, increase weight. Some exercises like your biceps, and triceps, will need 20 – 30reps total.