October 3, 2008 at 8:24 am #7002

@Derek Amos wrote:

Weight is to go up on the workout where you have reached the maximum you have set yourself. I.E If you adopted the BB row max (which I think is 15x reps), then you would increase by a margin that sets you back to say 9 to 11x. The reps you get – say 10x, mean that the next workout – you could get 10 to 12x. And so on to 15x again = increase weight.

DA If we’re meant to go up in strength every workout, that would mean putting on anywhere from .5 – 2kgs more weight while acheiving the same reps as we di previously

Maybe I’m looking at it the wrong way, but lets say hypothetically In my first pause rep I do 10reps @ 100kgs (then my 3, then 2), and the next week i do 102kgs @ 9reps (then 3 then 2)

its not a real strength increase, only a weight increase. Until I do 10reps with that extra 2kgs, is then a strength increase? Which means, I didnt gain strength, and must change exercises.

Any thoughts on this would be good.