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September 1, 2008 at 11:09 am #6861

When you say my other log seemed better what exaxtly do you mean by that? That the product was better or the actual log itself was better?

If it was about the product, then yeah i agree as this product is nowhere near Tren 13 ethyl! if I could’ve got hold of that i would of, but i don’t want to push my luck.

If it was the log then I apologise for that, I just don’t see the point as there is nothing amazing to report really.

To answer your question about the strength gain thing, as this is only my second PH course I am not sure really. But as far as chemical enhancers go, the strength is usually always the first to go up. I really haven’t noticed any strength gain to be honest. More so my edurance has gone up.

One thing I didn’t note last nite was the fact that this stuff causes indigestion. I have the mylanta on hand for the first half hour after.

I’ll give all of those intersted a little nore to play with.

My weight before starting this course was around 98kgs. My BF was low as I had just finished footy, hence the 98kgs. In the 2 weeks I have been on I have gained 3-4 kgs. Now before you all freak out and think that is great, try and remember that i can fluctuate anywhere up to 3kgs some days!

But I will say that this weight gain has been slow and sure, but again I attribute some of this to the fact that cardio has stopped, my appetite has gone up and I have gained ab fat.

Like i said nothing really to write about here. My bench is pretty ordinary at the moment (for an example) and sitting around 105kgs for 4 x 10. I haven’t had any real max strength days since starting this program as I am really trying to focus on working the target muscle not other muscles as well. Every rep counts and form is everything at the moment hence the reason i have dropped my weights for every lift.

Nothing noticable again really. I am prettty aggressive at the best of times and with business booming and staffing issues, it’s hard to actually determine what it is that is actually the real reason I feel drained every nite ha ha. Although, when I hit the gym it is awesome!! I am pumped with aggression and have loads of enthusiasm. Going to the weight room is extremely satisfying. It has become the only place in which i can be totally alone and it gives me time to really clear my head…naturally.

Sex drive
Like I said before, drive is down but the job is still done ha ha ๐Ÿ˜† so to speak. Sexual stamina is up and the enthusiasm I get in the gym now comes into the bedroom as well. It’s just getting ‘in the mood’ that seems to be the issue. BUT, in saying that, try being in the mood when works off the hook, you have two kids screaming and carrying on all the bloody time, the wifes on your case about anything and everything and you have absolutely nooo time to yourself EVER.

The more I type here the more I am thinking that maybe it wasn’t the best time to start right now! ๐Ÿ˜†

I don’t think I have forgotten anything ๐Ÿ˜•

Anyway I will be finishing in the next two weeks, and I will be posting every couple of days now that i have started and i will let all know how it all goes. 8)