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September 28, 2008 at 11:41 pm #6835

WellI have had the extra fat for a while now, since I was a kid really (I’m 20 now)

I have been sticking to the diet as much as possible, allowing for ONE cheat meal a week and it seems to be working ok, I’m down below 90kg now which is great!

I’m happy with the results.

As for high maintenance, it’s not too bad, once you get yourself into a routine and make the supplements/prep of food a habit rather than a chor it becomes allot easier.

As for my stats, I havent really done them in a while lol, just been monitering my weight and by the way I look

In regards to bodytek’s reply, since im not on the sauce, I have pretty much stuck to the diet I listed above with a little bit less carbs,