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July 29, 2008 at 7:53 am #6807

@Dr J wrote:

Yes that would piss me right off 😥

What did you do for a workout?

Well I just made another bench fitting attachment. Its a set of SMITH BARS. With these I tried out the neck-touching bench press technique outlined in one of Ol’ Larry Scott’s exercise reports.

Never mind all that thieving shit, this exercise works like crazy. The upper pecs get creased in pain within 10 reps only. Then you do bounces to half way up, until you can’t even budge the bar.

This leaves the BB just touching the neck at rest position (SAFELY).

After that I did Larry’s recommended 2nd exercise; fingers & thumb inwards dips, until I couldnt move.

As the split I use is DC, then I went on to do back work, with BB rows & Gironda leaning cable rows.

Overall I had a great time, no need for even a single dumbell. DA 😀