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July 29, 2008 at 8:59 am #6787

@Dave996 wrote:

Got a microwave and a bowl?
Something Ive been doing of late is boiling up some 2 minute noodles, or any noodle that takes your fancy, and then dumping 1 or 2 of those tins of flavored tuna or samon in it, sometimes chucking in some chopped vegies if Ive got time/could be arsed.
It makes a tasty kind of fish & noodle soup, about 24 g of protien, quick and easy.


Dave ( Ramsey ) 996…

As I don’t think i’d have time to head to the kitchen and nuke some noodles, wait for it to cool and throw it down, I do recommend this meal to put on some size. It was one of the meals I tried during my office working days. Although I suggest eating it closer to gym time; as it’s got fat, sodium and carbs.

This meal is a favorite of mine because it made tuna easier to eat. Tuna has a naturally a dry-er texture, so dunking it in some noodles and having it soaking in the broth was good times.

My personal choice was a box of “Mi goreng” noodles. It came with the flavoring and dried onion (both of which probably had the sodium). It also had small servings of palm oil, sweet soy sauce, and chili sauce.

Per serve (noodles)
230 cal
5g Protein
10g fat (6g saturated)
30g Carbohydrates
490mg sodium

Tuna (in brine);
25g Protein
No Fat
Omega3 Fatty Acids (epa / dha)
275mg Sodium