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July 27, 2008 at 12:48 pm #6781

@jay27 wrote:

Oats soaked in milk protein, and mince mixed with mash sounds sounds like 2 good meals to pack on size, but they sure sound messy. How would I go about keeping them on me in the trucks? Might need some good sealing containers.

Yup, go down to your local coles and buy some deep slim plastic containers for your bumbag. Big enough to fit in a small spoon with ur mix and your set. Pull it out, down it, put it back. They aren’t messy, aslong as you go easy on the milk with the oats it will become a nice slop, thats firm enough. Mince and mashed potatos won’t be messy aslong as you dont drown it in sauce etc

@jay27 wrote:

I find it extremely hard to down boiled eggs though…You got any home recipes to share?

Is that the yoke? I find these hard to chew and get down without water. Eggwhites slide down, so get stuck into them, you’ll just have to prepare more.

@jay27 wrote:

BABY FOOD? I can’t say i’ve ever read the nutritional label for baby food. I’ll look into this just for the heck of it. Seriously.

I checked some out. Low protien, lots of carbs (NO idea on GI rating) and depending on brand low and high fat. No idea on the nutritional benefits for bodybuilders, but its for growing babies right?
Maybe Kin or J can fill us in, I’m feeling peckish 😆

@jay27 wrote:

Is a full veg meal good enough for 1 meal? I do like my Broccoli. Thanks stormtrooper.

Aslong as theres protien with it atleast.

Mate I think your set. With alittle bit of preparation and thought you can easily get the job done, while your on the job! 😀