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July 26, 2008 at 5:22 am #6771

@Dr J wrote:

As Bull says.

Combining the two improves osmality of solution compared to either on their own.

Sipping during will help suppress cortisol.

If you find it makes you fat I’d recommend looking at removing carbs from other parts of your diet. However, this maybe due to individual sensitivities.

Then there there’s always glumatine and glycine for glycogen replenishment 😈

Interesting thread, I too have Maltodextrin on hand, and my carb intake is a little on the low side…. So i’ll try to experiment with it. My apologies if this looks like a highjack attempt of the original thread! 🙂

My questions, though, are: What are the negative and positive effects of cortisol, and what does higher and lower levels of the hormone do to us? How do we keep it in at an optimal level?