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August 21, 2008 at 7:00 pm #6754

Diet and a good exercise plan are really important if you’re looking to cut. Relying on supplements to help you out isn’t always the best plan. I’ve used about a ton of the most popular “diet” pills out there, and have had little to no progress with them. Something like Anabolic Pump to help block carbs (or shuttle them better) helped me a bit, but timing the carbs was much more important.

Supplement wise, I say to stear clear of thermogenics as they don’t do nearly as much as most think. If you’re looking for energy, find something that lasts for a long time but is smooth and doesn’t crash at the end. For a pre-w/o booster, most NO products have a decent stim to them already, but with my experience, they are a quick buzz and then let me down. I’m simply not a fan of ’em, nor am I a fan of the “pump” that they induce. It’s gone by the time I get half way home from the gym!!

Diet wise, if you aren’t already, keep the veggie count high, get good complex carbs at key times of the day (morning and pre-w/o), and avoid things that are “white”, including simple sugars, flour, pasta, etc..

Good luck!