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June 16, 2008 at 6:00 am #6661

@Venus wrote:

@Dr J wrote:

Were there’s a will there’s a way.

Check out your local PCYC

The subs at our local in Annandale are about $30 per month.

PCYC clubs usually have a basic gym and almost always punch bags and the like for boxing training. You might even get a better deal if you’re on a pension.

Otherwise, sort out those ankle and start bodyweight exercises.

The bottom line however is you’ve got to get your diet sorted.

Good luck.



Wow, $30 is great. I would take it up except that Annandale is too far away. I thought the PCYC is for young people. I will check that out.

I called the Whitlam centre at Liverpool this morning. It sounds good, its close and its not too expensive. My sister says however that its not a safe place, that she has heard of people being harrassed, especially in the carpark area. Does anyone have any personal experience of the centre?

I think I have been wrong about something. I have been so focussed on ‘losing weight’ that I have been thinking aerobic type exercise, but I don’t have to do that first seeing as my ankles hurt. I could still do weights to build up muscle in the legs and the rest of the body while the ankles heal. I could for example build up some core muscles cause the only thing keeping me up is me bones right now, he, he.

As for food, I don’t eat much but what I do eat is crap…takeaway. Okay, guess that’s gone. I know what to eat but I have been lazy or I just gave up trying.

Thanks, just talking about it has given me a couple of ideas and sparked something inside.

I live 5 mins from the Whitlam Centre but haven’t trained there for years. All of the gyms around Liverpool are about the same price but Squashlands would be the cheapest but i hate training there. The only other option for you would be Mounties but it’s expensive. If you ankles are sore you could try swimming in conjunction with weight training combine with a good diet high in protein and EFA’s and your set.

Good Luck