Reply To: Good advice.

June 12, 2008 at 3:39 am #6631

Dave, Dont jump up and down too much. I think you missed the point.

He was stressing that you can increase mass via methods that do not just involve increasing the weight you move.

Now I am a non bodybuilding person who would only train for strength and speed so I am not biased against making strength your focus and that size will come, I actually stress that to most people. But his point is there are other methods you should use to help increase the muscle to grow besides just increasing your poundage. And he is right, though he does not say to forget getting stronger he says for EXTRA stress supplement and change your method of trashing those muscles to get the best gains. His thoughts were geared towards increasing the amount of stress on a muscle without increasing the weight on the bar. I.e. less rest, more reps, negatives etc. And that works ask Ronnie Coleman how he trains differently from his old powerlifter days to his bodybuilding days I am sure he will use some if not all of these methods in conjunction with heavy as hell weights.

It was a good article especially for a beginner (and some long time lifters) who needs that basic information to get their training on the right page.