Reply To: Good advice.

June 12, 2008 at 12:23 am #6628

No 1 = bullshit. When was the last time anyone put on any size by dropping their weights? The facts are self evident, the biggest guys in any strength based sport are the strongest, and the ones carying the most muscle tissue.
Ok, there allways the geneticly gifted born with tendons and ligaments like garden hoses that help them to push massine weights while possessing little in the way of muscle mass, but for the most part, more contractile tissue ( muscle mass ) equals more strength.
How do get stronger? Not by grunting out ten sets of concentration curls with a 20lb dumbell and going for the “burn”, thats for sure.

More weight
More strength
More muscle

Or maby guys like Ronnie Coleman and that Polish WSM guy with the unpronounceable surname have got it all wrong.