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June 4, 2008 at 5:34 am #6562

Firstly 6 months of training is by no means long enough to start to get on the gear. If you have a proper training regime and correct diet you should be putting on a heap of muscle in the first year. My advice wait till atleats 2 to 3 years of training under your belt before even considering gear.
Secondly if you are unsure if PCT is important then you still have atleast another 6 months of research to do. You have to remeber that your putting serious drugs in to your body so you want to know what your doing. Also if you think your 10% body fat with a little stomach you don’t have much of an idea. 18% will show a 6 pac. 10% will be low enough to compete. Dbol is also not needed for a first cycle and there is no difference between the different types of test. They are all testoserone, just with differnt carbon atoms added to vary the release rate in to your body.
Jackass, A dbol only cycle is bad advice. Any sort of oral cycle will give temporary results and there is no need to place the liver under stress. a 350mg Test cycle for a first timer is sufficinet. If you don’t like pins then don’t do roids, simple.