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June 3, 2008 at 9:34 am #6560

Man you are at the height of steroid production right now, wait a little before you go screwing with it. Plus 6 months training is really nothing at all for gains.

What is your training regime, food intake, sleep amount and quality, do you practice any recovery means? You could probably boost your results a hell of a lot over the next year if you put all of this together using smart training and nutrition principles. I am assuming at 6 months training age your knowledge level is not that high.

Talk to some of the bigger guys like Ian and Kinmassive (just to name a few) and talk to them about how long it really takes to get big, especially before taking on the roids.

Oh and just because you are serious does not mean roids are a good idea, it does mean in a few years (3 or so) you will be a massive tank as long as the enthusiasm stays., at least you are doing the right thing and researching well, if you are dead set on it you should really know what is going to happen and have an experienced user handy for help. Also what height are you, for all we know you could be an 82kg 5’0 monster, or a 82kg 6’5 stick.