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June 3, 2008 at 6:00 am #6542

In my opinion you should stop injecting, and make sure you get all the gear first. Nolva/clomid will not reduce results, all they will do is stop you from growing man boobs and some other side effects. Nolva/clomid is also needed for PCT(post cycle therapy), which is essential if you want to keep any gains you made.

Stanzolol is taken in the range of 30-50mg a day, i suggest 30mg, since it seems you dont have much cycle experience. You need to post more info, such as how many times a week you train, how you eat etc. Do you take any supplements?

Your best bet is to save what gear you have, come up with a proper cycle plan, get all the gear that you need, and then do it.

Go to page three and read my post on beginner cycles, should outline most things you need to know.