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June 3, 2008 at 1:02 am #6541

😳 Sorry didn’t realise you needed more info. Age 31. Weight 72kg. Have been lifting weights for over 10 yrs +. Always been quite fit and work in physical job. Will be stacking testo with the stan. Stan is 50mg/ml and testo is 100mg/ml. That’s what is written on the bottles. Thinking of a 6 to 8 week cycle. Also not to sure if i should be taking clomid or nolvadex during and after. Heard it can reduce the effects of the roids and not sure where to buy them. Also when i asked about the mls dosage i meant how much to inject into myself because the syringe has ml measurement on it not mg. But no need to worry i have found a calculator that converts mg to mls. Hope this is enough info.

Thanks for helping me out