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May 28, 2008 at 4:55 am #6509

If you want to do all that you stated you will plain and simply lose strength. You can not focus on any endurance work for 2 days a week and then 4 days of interval work and not lose strength. This does not mean you will become a regualr weakling but you will find all your lifts will go down.

Also you are just finishing a former weight loss plan for 3 months (it did not seem exhaustive which is good) but another 12 weeks will be 6 months straight of weight loss, which unless you are one big buy would maybe over do it. Also with all that training and weights and then lower food intake you will most likely burn out.

My advice would be train similar to what you normally do and maybe add 1 day of endurance work and/or 1 day of interval and then FOCUS on your diet (keeping you cardio work to a low volume and increase it slowly). You will lose weight this way and can slowly up the cardio type work as you go along and increase the food intake as you do to compensate for good recovery.

Once you are up to 3 months, see where you are at and weigh up what is more important to you being fairly strong and able to run around well or being really strong and able to sprint 20m before giving up.