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May 23, 2008 at 4:41 am #6452

Genetics can be a win-lose situation I have a rather damn large and wide back no matter what I do , I also have huge glutes and thighs, that is just my genetics but my arms and chest are serverly lacking and are always skinnier (a lot) it takes a hell of a lot to really increase the arm and chest mass for me.

Doc as one who has had to read too many god damn journal articles this year I warn you off it. 🙂 but then again you may like that sorta thing.

KM you should have taken some pics to see the diff sounds like it had a huge effect upon you. But then again you are towards the end spectrum of strength and size compared to most others especially a newbie like yarro here so you may need the help.

Now before I get more off track from yarro, I suggest you have a bodyfat analysis done soon and take your weight then, plus a photo or 3 (side front, rear). In about 3-4 months after training hard and eating right get the body fat checked again, reweigh youself and take some pics. I can tell you now you will see a HUGE difference compared to just evaluating through your own eyes as the weeks go by.