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May 3, 2008 at 12:39 pm #6324

$11,000. So far. Hasn’t even seen court yet. Thats not the money part, it’s charging him with assault and getting my money back, that’s the expensive part. Although with a new law that was passed by Peter Beatie, it makes it very difficult for someone in this position (including your friend) to get their money back. You cannot by law civily sue the QLD police force regardless of the fuck ups any off them have made and the amount of maney that fuck up may of cost you. Heres an example: there was a guy in Brissie who was walking home form somewhere and the cops came along and violently arrested him and lock him up for 4 or 5 days, with no explaination, no phone call…nothing. After that they let him go without so much as an explanation let alone a sorry. Turns out, they thought he was some drug dealer in town and they were hoping to sweat the guy as they couldn’t locate him and they finally thought they had. He took them to court and sued them (qld police). It cost him 20k odd and he sued them for lets say 40k. It has been 6yrs and he has gotten about 4 or 5k so far. So it hardly seems worth it, hence the bullshit I am going through. I have no support from my mate as he is broke and can’t contest their accusation for himself let alone help me.

Make sure if anyone here has a problem similar to mine, don’t back down, take it as far as you can! And maybe, just matbe they will get the picture and get back to work??

You wouldn’t believe this, I just took my family to the circus, which was great by the way. My 2yr old absolutely loved it. And we are about 200m from my driveway where there is a set of lights. Anyway i drive straight through an orange light, lone behold the cops spotted me and came screaming around the corner, lights on the lot. Cut a long story short, they gave me a warning and sent me on my way….I’m jinxed I tell ya, I so much as sneeze and they are onto me ha ha ha!