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May 2, 2008 at 3:07 am #6306

I know how this feels. Things I have learnt:-

1)Bodybuilding Type Weight Training and competitive sports dont’ mix.
2)Only do 1 maybe 2 weight sessions a weak for non professionals.
3)As age increases, so does the need for recovery therapies (Extra supps, massage etc)

Sounds stranges, but you are actually becoming “unfit” for your sport.

What does you current weight training schedule look like?

Basically it needs to concentrate on lighter weights being moved explosively for sets under about 5 reps.
When using bodybuilding sets/reps, exercises & techniques you are training different types of systems. These are not suitable for this type of sport (which is one reason why you are not progressing)
Too much volume currently maybe the other problem.

While you are competing, this is (unfortunately) no time to try and add muscle. You just want to maintain size and strength.
As DA says the ‘Off – season” is for gaining.