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May 2, 2008 at 7:19 am #6292

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If you want straightfoward, no bullshit advice on diet and training by a guy who walks it like he talks it, you could do a lot worse than add this site to your favorites.×5-beginner-strength-training-program/

To go 5×5, What % of your 1RM do you need? I’m guessing 60 – 70% and are you meant to fail on any set?

I wouldn’t recommend 5 x 5 to a beginner who is trying to bulk up. It’s fine if your main goal is strength but ….

It’s a great way for intermediate to advanced lifters to add variety to their programs or bust through a plateau. Beginners should concentrate on form and perform lifts in a variety of rep ranges.

Dule, that looks like a great bulking shake but I don’t thing its ideal for peri (before, during after)-workouts.

My preference is 1:2 P to C plus creatine, leucine if you can stomach and afford it with glutamine optional. Mixed in water.