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June 18, 2008 at 8:54 pm #6276

Rightio, It’s been a few weeks now since I have finished my cycle and heres a list of what has happened:
– Sex drive back to normal.
– Aggression gone.
– Have lost some strength.
– Cannot eat as much as I was at all.
– Still hard and muscular.

I have also lost 10kgs!!!! I had stopped training all together for 2weeks as I went on holiday on the bike to get away. I didn’t lift weights or do any football training or even play. I needed a rest as I was absolutely knackered.

Anyway as I mentioned previously I also got really crook for 4 weeks! SO I am not sure if those factors combined have really contributed to my weight lose?? It was really bothering me as NONE of my clothes fit me anymore, my jeans just float etc. But the positives are:
– Everyone keeps commenting on how fit and good I look
– I can run shit loads faster
– I can move shitloads faster
And to be honest I just feel better all round? Oh yeah haven’t touched a supplement for nearly a month now other than the PCT, as I wanted to slowly start back on it next week just to get the full effects again.

Anyway it’d be greta if it was summer, but it’s not so I can’t rip the shirt off but I was gonna stop playing footy as it was getting almost impossible to move properly and i was getting hurt, now I’m looking forward to this weekend as i may be able to actually run around them.

For another example the 2 weeks before I left I was 107kgs and did about 8 on the beep test. This week I did 10.5! I hadn’t even done any fitness in that lay off period, it was just so much easier, my legs didn’t swell, my back didn’t hurt and my lungs didn’t burn. 😀