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April 15, 2008 at 5:20 am #6235

The other thing is a workouts increase on muscle synthesis is at a maximum level 24 hours after a workout and nearly back to normal levels after 48 hours.

So to maximize muscle growth you’d be best to look at working out every 48 hours using a full body workout which ensures every muscle is going to grow. (ie you reduce the amount of sets you do until your body can recover every 2 days).

For reference, I do 2 chest sets, 2 bent over row sets, 1-2 biceps sets, 2 squat sets and 2 calf raise sets. Sometimes I will add a shoulder and tricep set, but they get worked plenty in the chest/row exercises usually. Takes about 45-60 mins depending on some factors. Just recently I started doing different exercises for some of the routines and mixing and matching, ie 2 chest flyes for a few workouts, then back to bench press for a few. That is how you get the exercise variation that you would normally achieve in the “one body part per week” workout routine where you may do 3 sets of bench, 3 sets of flyes for a total of 6 sets.

Though maybe there is some method to “one body part per week” routines in regards to which muscles your body may prefer to grow… I only ever do full body routines and I’m growing fairly well so I’m not sure if it’s that important and if there is muscle growth preferences or not… just a theory I am mulling over. Either way in regards to TOTAL muscle growth, working out every 48 hours will give you the most growth over any period of time.