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December 9, 2008 at 3:49 am #6224

50% is ok on the first set or 2, but if you are only resting 20 seconds and you can still do 50% by 4 set, you are a better man than I.

@unbuff wrote:

Ok well to start me off i decided I would replace the DC rep scheme of rest pausing, to this 5full, 5 half up, 5 half down, 5 full. I was told to only use 30% of my current weights, but i did 50% and found the last 5 reps murder. I did end up repping out, so I can put the weight up next time and gauge strength like that

The first 5 reps is a joke, but once u hit the half reps I was like, ok I can see why people say this is hard. Especially on the hacksquat. owie 😳

I’m only planning on doing this for a month and go back to DC to see if anything can progress there… unless this makes me explode, as I’d like to see more leg and pec and shoulder development.

only time will tell.