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December 4, 2008 at 10:04 pm #6221

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Tanita Scales f*cking

Hey, wacha laughin at?

They’ve got advanced technology..

Tanita was the first company to design and manufacture body fat monitoring scales for in-home use. The technology you get when you buy a home scale is based on the same advanced technology found in our professional body composition analyzers used by doctors, medical centers, professional athletic teams, fitness clubs and personal trainers. And we continue to focus on meeting your needs with more styles, models and more personalized features.

Tanita’s are better than nothing! However, from what I remember they do say they’re not for bodybuilders or athletes.

The big thing with Tanita scales (and I guess any make using bioimpedence (spelling!) that the measure varies by time of day and the state of your body. If you want to make yourself feel good have a hot bath at 4 o’clock and then test. Watch your body fat plummet.

Unbuff, you could always buy the book ❓

Just workout a routine for yourself. For each exercise 5 reps full range, 5 bottom half, 5 top half and 5 full reps to finish. Simple 😉

Now that I think of it you could just slot that into DC for squats as a alternate leg exercise. The other thing is that if the weak part of your squat was getting out of the hole then add reps to the bottom half and take them away elsewhere.

Matrix is just 21s with 5 reps instead of 7 and an extra set of full range reps at the end. Or you could think of it as that Iron Mag system with partials in the middle of the set instead of the end. Or ….