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April 4, 2008 at 11:41 am #6177

@Bull wrote:

One, my shoulders don’t like it at all.

Two, I’m far from convinced about its role in shoulder development. It really only loads the anterior head and that gets more than enough work with other pressing movements.

If it works for you then by all means keep it up.

I just think that it is over emphasised by a lot of people. How many trainers have you seen with underdeveloped front delts?

Once the bar passes head height, it should be moving directly overhead. Having the elbows pointing forward during the lift assists this. If you are locking out correctly above the head, activating the traps, the bar should be directly overhead, and the anterior head is definitely not taking the entire load.

That said, I do hear what you are saying, and if you don’t like them, so be it, but I’ll put your question back to you with a different slant. How many trainers have you seen who can overhead press decent numbers that have under developed delts?