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March 6, 2008 at 12:33 pm #6074


Back then at fitness first i wasn’t, in fact i was lowering/pushing the weights pretty fast but nowadays i was informed enough to know to lower the weight slower which explosively pushing it back up which i have been doing. As Dr J mentioned, it is very very possible that the tension i had from different sessions differed. I know for a fact some reps i lowered the bench slower than i should of. But i had put it aside and figured it shouldnt make that much of a difference.

I read it in some other guide i use to practice. Max OT if anyone has heard of it. Focused alot on compound exercises rather than isolating sole muscle parts and the explosiveness you guys talked about. For example doing standing 2 handed curved bar curls rather than sticking your arm over one of those pads where you stick a towel underneath so your armpit doesnt dirty the whole thing. I’m not too sure whats that called.

Anyway i will try alternating between just adding an extra set and just increasing the weight anyway. I have been hammering away at flat bench as the only real chest exercise ive been doing all my life. Without a partner it is difficult. Embarrassingly when i used to go to fitness first i even once got the bar stuck on me for a good 10-20seconds and no one was around!! This girl that walked past was like wtf and i was urging her to get someone to help me lol. I have trouble with incline because i have alot of difficulty getting the bar off the posts than actually benching it haha. I am also limited by the stuff i have at home (just a bench, a couple of bars and some dumbells).

Anyway thanks for the advice, i will get back at it!!!