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March 6, 2008 at 1:07 am #6072

Changing tempo also changes the “attributes” you are training – light weigths lifted fast make you faster, medium weights lifted slowly improves endurance, etc.

But lowering under control and lifting fast is a good general tempo.

An easy thing to try when trying to get more reps is to do rest/pause – when you know you aren’t going to get the next rep, rack the weight, count to 10, then unrack and try and get that last 1-2 reps. Next time you may get the reps without the pause. I like this technique a lot… is very good for when you are lifting alone, and is much more “honest” way to get extra reps than having a partner help you (which is just too variable – you have no idea how much they helped).

I am guessing though that you have been hammering away at the flat bench for some time though… so maybe you’ve just got stale on it. Time to do something else maybe – why not do flat DB bench for a while, or incline bench, or weighted dips. Push the weight up on one of these other lifts and then go back to bench once you stop making progress on that.