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April 10, 2008 at 6:13 am #6065

@swiz wrote:

if u love the gorillas so much why dont u just go and marry one davo lol

haha, na im interested to know how much fruit u have in your diet, and what sorts?

Well all jokes aside, I try to include at least a peice of fruit with most meals. Even a crisp apple or a handfull of grapes just feels to me like its “moving things along” so to speak and keeping your system from becoming sluggish.
And you just cant top a fresh fruit smoothy as a pick-me-up / hangover cure in my opinion.
And as some fruit, for example bananna, is low GI and others like mangos and tend to be higher, you can mix and match to suit your energy needs.

Now, to address your comment that I may have some un-holy monkey love fetish, I must confess I wore a gorilla suit to a party once but that was as far as it went….