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June 25, 2008 at 7:58 am #6002

Well some of DC’s best articles are the collection known as “Cycles for Pennies”. This outlined the original DC training, and although hes updated now to other methods (possibly better), the orig’ still works. He passed a comment about it that I read on one site, saying “if you dont mind the old school, then carry on”. Meaning thats all he wrote out and gave away. Any new stuff he became secretive about and regretted having started the whole thing, as far as I can see.

Other guys I have read about on US sites, who use DCs base/orig’ outlines have altered it slightly to their own tastes and still got results.

So, I suppose any small bending of the laws is OK. Bit like Bruce Lee, “If it dont work discard it”. This is DCs attitude anyway. Personally its the principles that matter in my book. Only using light weights as warm up sets, for the current body area trained, keeping the last set as the WORK set, using Rest Pause at that time, to complete concentric failure. Applying about 5 exercises per workout, These should cycle between legs, chest and back, with other auxilliary exercises for smaller body parts, as you see fits. Parts like bis, tris, shoulders, hell why not forearms, calves, neck or whatever you feel is lacking as well.

I take a week off sometimes, but also do his Cruisin’ idea sometimes. I like both ideas, but it depends on how crooked I get, with say quads & hams in particular.

I’d keep coming back to a particular exercise that works, even if it was months down the track and it still gave increases. Only dumping it when it became a dud a couple of times, with no feel good result.

Recently I’ve been toying with the idea of extending the 6x fixed workouts structure to 7 or 8, adding on new exercises I feel are excellent, but couldnt fit into the straight DC structure. The whole still revolves around legs, chest & back though.

Gaining enough favourite exercises, that work takes quite a few years of working out – preferably before starting DC work.

Then theres those extreme stretches, nothing seems to ever be a more clever idea, so youll need to do those. DA.