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May 13, 2008 at 4:33 am #5985

Unbuf (and maybe some others who followed this thread), here is an interesting article I saw at another site I follow. You will find it has answers that are hard to get.

Refeeds and Leptin

Refeeds are typically done while cutting; that is, creating a caloric deficit so your body is forced to rely on fat as an energy source. Most people on any low carb diet—i.e. less than 1 gram per pound of bodyweight per day—-or implementing any extreme caloric deficit should incorporate a refeed.

Refeeds are used to raise Leptin, refill muscle and liver glycogen, as well as providing sanity release from dieting as your body is temporarily thrown into a state of metabolic balance.

A Quick, Layman’s Explanation of Leptin:

Leptin is considered an anti-starvation/metabolic balance hormone. As your Leptin levels decrease, the signal is sent to inform that your body is going into starvation mode. As your body goes into starvation mode we all know what happens—your fat loss slows down immensely or in some cases to a screeching halt. So in order to kick fat loss into gear again, you need to raise Leptin.

Common sense dictates that the body seeks balance, and if you endeavor to upset that balance—you have to outwit your body. We were built for survival, and unfortunately for the fitness/bodybuilding-oriented folk, “survivalâ€Â