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April 14, 2008 at 11:49 pm #5976

@Memories wrote:

Also from what I’ve read, a single cheat day doesn’t seem to increase metabolism all that much, seems you need 3 or 4 consecutive refeed days to get the hormones kicking again. So whilst it might be good mentally, I do not think it has much merit in regards to increasing fat loss. If anything all it will do is add glycogen to your muscles allowing a more intense cardio/weight workout compared to depleted levels, not sure if that is really worth it or not. Eat an extra 500kcals so you can spend another 30 minutes exercising it off? Donno. But yeah, “normal diets” seem like a joke to me now.

I must add the diet with CHEAT DAYS – as used by “Dexter” notes to use 2x days for CHEATS. I use one, so far and this is just going slowly at the natural rate it want to go at, I have knocked off 5kg from 90kg, so it doea work but the double days for excess carbs (cheats), are something I have not used yet. DA