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April 8, 2008 at 3:03 pm #5965

@swiz wrote:

is that 150grams of protein content or 150grams of meat a day?

Protein, so you’d consume about 600 grams of meat to get that roughly. Meat has fat though, so I usually only have one meal with meat (combined with my vegies for the day), and have 4 protein drinks in water at 30g each whenever I feel hungry or can be bothered.

It’s also a good idea to supplement some salt (I use lite-salt which costs about $2 for a shaker at Coles, that has 50/50 potassium/sodium salt), about a gram or two per day. You need some sort of potassium supplement to ensure good health on this diet. Go research “protein sparing modified fast” or PSMF for more info, but there isn’t much to it. I also take 6 fish oil tablets (which isn’t really in any PSMF plan on the net) mostly because Lyle Mcdonald recommends that’s the minimum amount to keep your body saturated with EPA/DHA … you lose more weight by taking it (studies have proved this) most likely due to the increased metabolic processes that occur thanks to it’s presence.