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April 7, 2008 at 8:55 am #5963

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If you do the tough method you’ll lose about 225g-300g of fat a day

I gain about 8-9kg of dry weight in my 3 month bulks, probably 60/40 in ratio of protein to fat gained, losing that fat gained gets easier and easier every time due to the new muscle you’ve made. Losing ~3-4kg of fat in 2-3weeks after going crazy with food for 3 months is just too easy for me

Memories those are big numbers.

So dieting the tough way (-300grams a day) will see me losing 2.1 kg’s a week..thats amazing

How do u consistently gain 8-9kgs dry on ur bulks…wow thats also amazing

Im amazed ….. comments?

I’m not sure “how”, when you consider it seems so hard for others. I’m not some naturally high T freak either…. All it comes down to is eating a lot, and lifting regularly. I try to up weight or reps each workout whilst bulking. When cutting my job is to maintain my last workout stats when I was bulking… and I do this.. I never seem to lose muscle even on this harsh protein only diet. I suspect other people do because maybe they don’t get enough protein when cutting, or the duration of their “normal diet” is so long the body just tapers down massively to cope with a long term decrease in calories. When you eat around 150g of protein a day on a cut, your body will use that instead of stored protein to fuel the body… it is the key to cutting without losing muscle mass.

But yeah, I’ve done the old “eat at near or just above maintenance” trick trying to “gain muscle” for at least 6 months…. in the past. My strength/muscle increased, little bit of fat loss, but it was just so gradual. But when you eat a lot and lift steadily improving weights your body just grows and grows…. maybe I’m special, but I doubt it.

I’m in a cut right now (day 8 of 150g protein only) and let me tell you the only thing on my mind is to eat some food…like I’m having dreams about starting a restaurant, etc. ;) So it’s quite distracting to do this diet when cutting… but it works great. I’m thinking of trying a 3 week split of protein only (600 cals) for 7 days, 1200cals for 7 days, then protein only again for 7 days. 21 days dieting total, I’ll lose about 5kg of fat and be at 7-8% BF in 3 weeks since I started, down from 14%.

A 3 month bulk lets you stay relatively lean looking (so you don’t get a gut or double chin), and the 3 week cut puts you back down to six pack abs and tonnes of veins territory. So all year round you look fairly decent, and for 80% of the year I’m not obsessing about my diet… which I used to do all the time. I’m sure I could get greater results if I restricted most fatty foods on my bulk (and I do this somewhat, but not totally), since most fat on a bulk is going to go straight on you… but whatever, you only live once and I don’t need perfect results on my bulks, all it means at the end is it’s one more week of cutting (3 instead of 2). I’m not competing for the olympia or anything and gaining 4kg of muscle is good enough for me.

**Let me just edit this to say I don’t think I’m at my genetic potential of muscle mass (At 7%BF I weigh 80kg, I’m 6’0), so if you’re like 95kg and 5% BF, maybe this will differ for you I don’t know. I’ve done this cycle 3 times now, starting at 68kg and I just keep growing each time. I’m sure there is going to be a limit to this one day, at around 92-95KG, I guess I’ll find out in a year or two what that is.