Reply To: Deadlifts

February 7, 2008 at 1:03 am #5929

Personally I think deadlifting has fixed my lower back issues… I also find if my upper back ever gets out of whack (typically from overhead pressing) then a heavy deadlitfing session can pull it all back into place.

Good form is the key – but you can’t maintain good form is you have weak points, and especially if you do reps then good conditioning of the lower back especially is important too.

Most people have relatively weak hamstrings and glutes which fucks up their deadlift form – they complain they can’t get into a good position because of inflexibility, but it’s a strength issue really. Stiff legged deadlifts (or flat back good mornings if you prefer) can fix this – really concentrating on keeping the back flat and pushing the hips back as far as possible, and then pulling the weight up with the hammies.

Poor lower back conditioning is another culprit…. your lower back gives out early and your form goes to shit… hyperextensions, reverse hyperextensions, and supermans are for good for high reps… you could do something like this every session for a while, then drop it back.

So if you start up your 5×5 deadlifting again, follow up each session of deads with some strengthening of the muscles involved: stiff legged deads 3×8, bentover rows 3×8, hyperextensions 3×20. You could do some extra high rep lower back training on other days too if you feel you can handle it.

You lower back is going to feel pretty hammered from doing this – recovery stuff like hot/cold showers and massage can help a lot.

Once the weights start getting heavy on the deadlift, you might want to cut back on the assistance lifts.