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February 5, 2008 at 1:19 am #5816

Yes thats also true swiz. I also have a mate who has a little boy who was on an absolute cocktail of chemicals from roids to speed for years and from what I can gather his child is fine. But what J says is also right, IF something were to happen then who would get the blame? Pretty obvious really.

One other thing, in all of the posts I have read over the years about topics of roids there is ALWAYS someone who will compare weed to juice. Sorry there is absolutely NO, NIL, ZERO comparisson between the two so don’t even start that shit.

But you are right, for those out there that believe they are ready, well there is nothing that will stop them. I still think about it at least once every couple of months and know what it is capable of doing both good and bad…go figure?