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February 4, 2008 at 9:40 pm #5813

@swiz wrote:

When I was 21 I wanted to invest everything I had and start my own business …. everyone talked me out of it.

I did the same thing at 24 and am staying afloat so far.

3 years have made a difference…and I have more money…but determination is what has gotten me past all the hurdles. Experience counts too..but im not going to wait till I’m 40 with oodles of experience to start a business am I! So I often wonder what would have happened if I jumped in younger

WHat Im trying to say is that if you think you have enough experience in bodybuilding and want to go chemical … just fricking do it…ask the pro’s if they waited till they plateud to start on the juice…NOT LIKELY!

I was exactly the same so when you put it that way I tend to agree with you. BUT…Have a listen to this for a story on the juice.

A few years a go a friend of mine who was starting to really get a craving for the weights started asking me about the juice, you know the standard questions how much, what to use, where to get it etc etc. Anyway we had a huge discussion about it and I sat him down and told him everything that I knew. We then dicussed the fact that if he was going to do it hardcore then he should set some goals and compete.

Well, after a few courses and 3 years later he has jabbed himself with just about everything he can, spent ooddles of $ of different shit and got huge. He also won numerous titles on stage, and was asked recently to compete in the nationals. Now this guy can lift some bullshit weights and looks unreal when he cuts up (looks like a bloated toad otherwise).

Apart from all that, his wife and kids has left him, his extremely succesful business is all but gone , his friends and collegues laugh at him as he struts arounds in his singlet with his head up his arse, completely oblivious to whats going on around him.

So I went to see him the other day just to touch base and see if what I’d heard was all true. Well it was and the poor bastard is that fucked up and obsessed with the whole get big thing it nearly brought a tear to my eye, and thats no shit! He now lives a life where he is constantly recognised, sluts love him and every meat head wants to be his mate for whatever reason. As he had never had this (popularity) prior to being in the shape he is in now he is not used to it and has sent into a downward spiral from which I hope he he will someday return.

Now this guy cruises on the juice, meaning he never comes off cycle and has been like this for 12mths and he is on vigra and shit he injects into his cock to get it working just to shag…well correct me if I’m wrong but thats fucked up!! OBSESSED!

Soooo, I guess the point I’m trying to make is this after all the preaching we do about the do’s and dont’s of roids in relation to what it does to your body physically. We all forget to mention what it can do to your entire life.

It has certainly changed my entire outlook on the subject. Just my two bob’s worth anyway, just thought i’d let you all know what it can do aswell.