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January 9, 2008 at 8:26 am #5800

Flexo, if you think you can train on the gear at your stats then do it, at the end of the day no matter what people say, we all train, eat respond differently while cycling. My mate, suffers from bad acne for example and he did a course for only 3 weeks and he broke out in huge boils all over his back, face and neck.

Myself for example, i was 19 years old when i first hit the gear regardless of all the shit people say about, “you’re too young, it’ll fuck your natural hormone levels”.
Now if you look at someone like Pro Lee Priest, started training and competed in his first comp at 13 years of age, he was using small levels of Deca etc at the age of 19 which from memory is when he got his Pro ticket. So in your own life you have to make your own decision and you own cycle, but i tell you this, do research on everything!

I started training at 14, did all of my school projects on anabolic steroids and continuously read up on them because eventually i knew i would use them.

When i finally did, i only used Testosterone Enanthate as it was all i could afford at the time so i used 750mg/week with nothing else, no PCT which is highly frowned upon…I am only 5’4 and my entire family are athletic/slim build but i have always had excellent body tone, when i started my cycle i was 56-58kg and about 16% BF. After 12 months of cycling on and off and then getting hold of some d-bols from a lucky score out of thailand, i weighed 70kg and i was fucking strong!!!

Side effects: obvious water retention (which i love anyways for bulking….looks and feels great), sweatiness, high blood pressure at times, slight shrinkage of testes but set aside from that i was looking massive and the side effects weren’t as bad as they sound.

I gained size, weight and like i mentioned, i was strong from all the test…a 19 year old kid walks into the gym, at 70kg puffy as hell but with existing muscle tone and does chest press with 40kg dumbells, 5 sets of 8 reps, then curls 8 reps of 20kg 4 times etc etc etc, turned some heads i’ll give you that.

The only thing i regret now, is due to low supply i wish i saved some of my stuff from a couple of years ago so i could do another cycle again.
But now, i weigh 61kg, still toned, 17% BF but when i train now i respond with size as soon as i pick up the weight.

If you want any advice from how i did my cycles, without worrying about getting any criticism from anyone PM me i’ll chat wif ya.