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January 8, 2008 at 5:48 am #5792

@StormTrooper wrote:

Would you like me to find some of your posts where you were none to helpful. I gave Flexo an hoinest opinion and was far from being a bully. I don’t confess to being an professional either I just give opinions as I have been in the game for a while.
Just because I agreed with DrJ once i am kissing his arse.fuck me..Find me a couple of more examples where I have agreed. Sheesh.

As far as your first comment, yes you are dead right I have to have made an arse of myself by telling other members what I really think and it was back then that I realised that not everyone thinks like me or you for that matter. So I am trying the open minded approach that see’s all for who they are…we all think we are right even though we are far from it sometimes.

And if you think your type of honest opinion is appreciated by all you are dead fucken wrong! I’m sitting here reading your posts and I feel as though you are attcking the dude. So be careful how you express it for you may offend some people. I have been nailed for this exact same thing in the past and it’s about time someone broughht it to your attention tis all, so take it how you like.

You have taken the word pro out of context here and used it to suit yourself. What I meant was, before telling someone how shit their diet is or whatever try and help them to get the right diet etc. I am totally crap at the whole diet thing so i say as little as possible unless I think it can help.

Sorry about the arse kissing thing i was pissed off and that was the last post i had read. 😳

So at the end of the day ST take out of this what you like, think I’m a wanker or whatever mate it doesn’t phase me but I’ll be fucked if I’ll sit here and read you nailing some poor prick cos he has no idea. 😉