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January 8, 2008 at 5:08 am #5791

@kinmassive wrote:

Give the guy a break for fucks sake!! Storm you are really starting to turn out to be a bully and it isn’t cool mate and Unbuff I am surprised you are pushing this fella as well??

Lets get it straight shall we before we lose yet another possibly helpful person. Seeing as though you are the proffessional here ST why don’t you give some examples of a good diet etc?? Instead of kissing Dr j’s arse every chance you get!!

I would agree with you all particularly Dave…in the fact that yes flexo you do seem to come across as a lazy person but we can all be guilty of that at times and yes I do also believe that you have no idea when it comes to diet. So that would also lead me to believe that you have no idea about training either??

So, why don’t you start again and ask the right questions before ST and UB end up imploding!

Start with the basics, and I mean basics. :wink:

Kiss DrJ ass, are you for real. I’m the dude who says no to shakes, harle see how thats kissing his ass. Would you like me to find some of your posts where you were none to helpful. I gave Flexo an hoinest opinion and was far from being a bully. I don’t confess to being an professional either I just give opinions as I have been in the game for a while.
Just because I agreed with DrJ once i am kissing his arse.fuck me..Find me a couple of more examples where I have agreed. Sheesh.