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January 7, 2008 at 9:42 am #5786

@unbuff wrote:

Its funny reading this thread and all of u being ‘had’ by a typical forum troll
hes quite good, successfully wasting 2 days of ur time, without anyone picking up on it aswell


storm trooper i stand corrected i thought u were the loser but Unbuff takes the crown…. 👿 why must people be so rude and judgemental if im not doing the diet right or the training right and im obviuosly posting to get feedback, why dont people just do the right thing tuck in there stupid humour be real and tell me straight out what it is they feel im doin wrong and then back it up with there version of the correct method as an answer…????? is that soooo difficult? all these people seem to do is read the post have a chuckle and post a rude judgemental remark…….. im outta here…. storm trooper thanks for the help, Dr J uve been very helpful aswell Peace an im outta here…