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January 7, 2008 at 7:52 am #5784

@Flexo wrote:

yes it is true i am a beginner although i have been on gear before and did very well i had medical problems from a totally unrelated issue that meant i couldnt train for 2.5 years till now, ok look point taken from both storm and yurself and Dr J .

i will outline the diet that i will be following (starting tomorrow morning….) that way you guys can help me out on wether im on track and whether i should alter anything…

WAKE UP: Cup of coffee and Hydroxycut
35 minutes on treadmill (Power walking)

BREAKFAST: 10 egg whites-8 thin rice cakes- 1 serve natural peanut butter

MID MORNING: Protein shake

LUNCH: 200G Tuna- 8 thin rice cakes- 3 (1000mg Caps) fish oil

MID AVO: Protein shake

DINNER: 200G Lean Beef- 300G steamed vegeis(NO POTATOES)- 3 Fish oil caps or flaxseed oil over vegies…

BEFORE BED: Protein shake

this diet works out to be a consistent amount of protein and carbs and fat per meal thru the day and adds to a grand total of roughly

295G Protein 130G Carbs and 35G Fat also roughly 2000 Calories(NOTE: Dont try and add it up just trust me on the figures….)

now between MID AVO and DINNER i would slot in GYM TRAINING(and a dose of Hydroxycut pre workout)…


Worse diet in history. Have you heard of carbs? Rice , Sweet potato, Pasta, etc. Rice cakes are for girls. Only 3 solid meals? .. You really do need help. also ar DrJ said, more fats.